Monday, December 23, 2013

Putting a cap on The Brewery Project

Back in April of last year I started The Brewery Project with the goal of visiting and posting about a different brewery each week until I had been to every single operating brewery in the county.  It took 20 months to do it, but I have officially accomplished that goal!  I visited some fantastic breweries, and some not so fantastic ones.  My travels took me as far north as Lake Elsinore (I know it's out of the county, but I made an exception), as far east as Julian, and as far south as Otay Mesa.  A few of the breweries I visited have since closed, including El Cajon Brewing Co., Mad Lab Craft Brewing, The Brew House at Eastlake, Rock Bottom Downtown San Diego, and La Jolla Brew House, which has now reopened with new owners as La Jolla Brewing Co.  On one occasion I even found myself at an abandoned brewery.  The only active breweries to elude me were Cold Bore Brewing Co., a very small brewery located in Jamul that is not open to the public, and Valley Center Brewery, which should have a tasting room open by February of next year.  88 visits in all, every week was an adventure and I hope you enjoyed the ride along with me.  As new breweries open I will continue to visit and post about them, but for now, at this moment, the project is done!

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