Monday, April 16, 2012

The Brewery Project

I love to visit breweries.  I make it a point to visit different ones while traveling, particularly when visiting family in Colorado where they are almost as abundant as 7-Elevens or Starbucks.  I find, though, that I often take local breweries for granted.  I visit them when I can, but rarely get to those not within my immediate, daily radius.  I used to consider myself well-traveled among local breweries, but with around 40 breweries now calling San Diego home and more on the way, I realize that I have barely scratched the brewery-circuit surface.  That said, I have now launched "The Brewery Project".  I plan on visiting a different brewery each week.  It could be one I already frequent such as Ballast Point, or one I that have been wanting to visit but not made it to yet such as Green Flash.  It could be just a brewery such as AleSmith, or a brewery restaurant like one of the many Karl Strauss locations.  Regardless of brewery, location, or format, my goal is to visit each and every brewing establishment the county has to offer.  I'll keep you updated along the way, and may even open your eyes to local spots you weren't aware of.  Who knows, I may even see you there!

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