Friday, April 27, 2012

The Brewery Project: El Cajon Brewing Co.

This week my brewery excursion took me to El Cajon Brewing Co.  Clicking on the link to their website reveals nothing more than an image of their logo.  The page is as barren as their bar.  I got to the brewery restaurant shortly after 4:30pm Thursday afternoon to find 10 people sitting in the spacious bar area.  After almost an hour of sampling various brews and snacking on sub-par nachos the total rose to 17, which included my group of 3.  This is not the first time I've seen this bar so sparsely filled, and from what I saw the restaurant wasn't much busier.  Is this a bleak sign of the future of this 6-month-old endeavor?  I hope not!  I've chronicled the progress of this brewery since the original "Hollywood Video" sign came off the building.  I find owner/brewer David to be a bit arrogant, which in brewing can be a positive and a negative.  The staff is not yet a solidified, cohesive team.  The food, in my opinion, is average.  The beer, however, is excellent!  When it's available, that is.  On this particular visit they had only 3 house beers on tap, not even enough to fill their $5, 4 beer sampler.  Their El Cajones IPA, not currently pouring, is one of the best I've ever had.  They did have El Cajones IIPA, which was a fantastic representation of the style.  However mediocre I may find the whole establishment, I truly love the beer they put out.  For that reason alone, I hope they pull things together and make El Cajon home for years to come.  After all, where else could they go?

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  1. The reason you may have experienced my vibe as " arrogant" was probably the fact that my brother was busy with his diabolical plan of taking over the business from me and my wife. We have now been forced to resign because of him. I lost the whole business.
    So I was probably pissed that there was only three beers on tap and not 40. I never got a budget for the brewery nor did he ever show any financials.
    David Meadows