Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Brewery Project: The Brew House at Eastlake

As many times as I've been to The Brew House at Eastlake, like here, it wasn't until this visit that I found out they don't actually brew at the "Brew House".  The beer is actually brewed in another part of Chula Vista under the name of Bay Bridge Brewery.  As pristine as the tanks look, I should have realized before now that the beer is brewed off-site.  I typically like to feature actual working breweries in these posts, however, since this is the only location their beer is available I will include it.  I always enjoy a casual meal here with the family.  The booth we had this time was right across from the small game room, which allowed peaceful beer sampling while the kids kept themselves entertained.  The word that comes to mind when I think about their beer is "solid".  Each style is properly represented, from Bonita Blonde to America's Finest Amber to Star of India IPA.  Their Wolf Canyon Wheat even took home a gold medal at the San Diego International Beer Festival this year.  What I have yet to see, and maybe I've just missed them, is specialty releases or one-offs.  I would love to try a strong IIPA or a nice barleywine.  Perhaps someday I will.  Until then I will continue to enjoy my visits and good, solid beer that they offer.

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