Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Ballast Point Day!

If you're not already acquainted with this special day, here is some background on it from the honoree.

"It's that time again... the officially unofficial Ballast Point Day is coming up again on May 18th and we have something special planned.  It all started a few years back when we were honored enough to have a day named after us in the City of San Diego... and we have decided to keep the celebration going.  This year we decided that one day just wasn't long enough, so now we have a week of events in all of our tasting rooms to highlight the beers that built Ballast Point... come join us!"

Go here for details on what they've got planned for the week and make it a "point" to join in the festivities!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

IPA’s have killed my sweet tooth!

When I was younger I loved sweets.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve lost the sweet tooth I once had.  I don’t mind dessert every once in a while, but the cravings of my youth have subsided.  Now I can take it or leave it.  True, age may be a factor.  When we are young we want and do a lot of things that we grow out of with maturity.  However, thinking about it more, I truly believe that my sweet tooth was dealt its final, fatal blow by my love of IPA’s!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Belgian tripel or quadrupel, barrel-aged stout, and barleywine from time to time, but my heart belongs to the mighty IPA.  My style of choice, it is the beer I turn to most.  With the bitter beating my palate takes on a regular basis, I have to think that my love of hops has extracted my sweet tooth once and for all.  To be perfectly honest, I’m okay with that.  Until they invent hop cake, pie, or ice cream (hmmm…), I’ll stick to my IPA’s.  Come to think of it, my dentist is probably okay with it as well!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goodbye, Stone!

Perhaps farewell is a better word.  Still, I will miss the South Park location when it closes its doors on June 5th, as it was my go-to spot for Stone growler fills.  Read about the closing here.  I guess I'll be going to Liberty Station or downtown San Diego from now on.  What about you?  Will this closing have an impact on where you get your Stone fix?

Monday, May 4, 2015


A concept that is easy to comprehend, yet difficult to achieve, I find it sorely lacking in my life.  I set a goal of posting something every single day of 2013, which I did.  Is that balanced?  In 2014 I posted a total of 13 times.  Is that balanced?  The answers are, of course, subjective, but deserve my attention.  Did I overdo one year and get lazy the next?  Were my priorities out of whack in 2013, with moderation taking its rightful place in 2014?  Did I have too much to say, or simply not enough?  The answers may never truly come to light, but correction can be made.  Correction in the form of balance.  I need balance.  My new goal is to find the balance that is currently lacking.  Finding that balance will result in more posts this year than last, but not the overabundance of years past.  I look forward to more posts this year, and finding that balance that I may or may not have had ever before.  I enjoy beer, and want to enjoy it the way it's meant to be enjoyed, with balance!