Saturday, December 21, 2013


Why do I have such animosity for someone I've never met?  Why do people swoon when his name is mentioned, and blush when he mentions theirs?  He samples beer, as do I.  He visits breweries, as do I.  He is a man, as am I.  Why is he considered an authority, while I am seen as an observer?  Perhaps I am not vocal enough.  Perhaps I am not seasoned enough.  Perhaps I will never be.  Perhaps I am looking at it all wrong.  He is an authority.  He is vocal.  He is seasoned.  He is known.  I am a work in progress.  I need to focus on myself, and learn from others.  Learn from him.  Perhaps if we met I would get it.  Perhaps I would understand.  Perhaps I would swoon.  I want to grow.  I want to be respected.  I want to be an authority.  He is not the problem.  He is the solution, or part of it anyway.  He can be a friend.  He can be an ally.  He can be a mentor.  I will turn my animosity into adoration.  I will hone my craft, my art, my passion.  I will not look at others as a stumbling block, but instead a stepping stone in the right direction.  A leg up when needed.  A pillar of support.  I am renewed, invigorated, and excited to see what lies ahead.  New directions, new paths, new goals.  All within my reach, all within my ability, all within my grasp.  Perhaps someday they will swoon for me.  Perhaps not.  Regardless, I move forward, never looking back.


  1. Who are you actually referring to?

    1. Let's just say this person is well known and respected by many, myself included, in the San Diego craft beer community. Professional jealousy? Perhaps. But, then again, who am I?