Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Brewery Project: La Jolla Brew House

My visit to La Jolla Brew House was, in a word, miserable.  Perhaps just one word isn't enough to describe my visit, but it's the first one to come to mind.  My experience is certainly not indicative of everyone's, as the place was completely packed and I wasn't even able to find a seat.  That in and of itself isn't a strike against this establishment, as there are many places I visit where I can't find a seat yet am completely happy.  The reason this place was packed and no seats were available was because a football game was on.  Everyone there was sporting their team colors of choice.  Loud cheering thundered throughout the space, heavy-handed banging on tables echoed through the room, and several patrons shouted loudly at the many screens hanging from the walls, hurling obscenities like casual greetings.  I don't like football, but I can respect the sport and its fans.  I can also respect establishments that cater to football and its fans.  However, when I'm out to have a good, craft beer the last thing I want to be surrounded by is loud, aggressive football fans.  That's just not my scene.  Putting my surroundings aside, I finally waived down the bartender and ordered a beer.  I had just two house beers to choose from, so I thought I'd try each of them.  I started with the Pale Ale and was not impressed.  It had a funky, soapy taste that I'd only tasted from one other brewery in the county, and I had a hard time finishing it.  After paying $6 for this sub-par brew, I wasn't interested in trying their other offering, a Stout, which isn't one of my favorite styles in the first place, so I called it a day.  Had the beer been stellar I could have forgiven the unfavorable atmosphere.  Since it was not, my whole experience was poor.  The one positive was the employees, who were friendly and helpful.  If you're looking for a place to catch a game with some friends and don't care what you drink, this seems like a great place to go.  If you're looking for a night of great beer, brewed on premises, there are many, better suited places to choose from.

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