Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The brewing bug is back!

It's been some time since I brewed my last batch of beer, but the brewing bug has bitten me once again, so a new batch is in the near future! I got a catalog in the mail yesterday from a company called Northern Brewer. I've never heard of them, and I'm not sure how the catalog got sent to me. The catalog is nicely laid out, and the prices are really good. I have been promising some friends a batch of beer for quite some time (see To brew or not to brew... post) and the time has finally come. The promised beer was to be a Red. With the ingredients and pricing I found in this catalog I have decided to do an Irish Red. I will will post on this subject all through the process, from purchasing of the ingredients, to brewing, fermenting, bottling, conditioning, and consumption. It should be an interesting series, hopefully with a "hoppy" ending! Are you brewing right now? Share your experiences, tips, and tricks so that we can all become better brewers. We can all learn new things and we all have something to share. Until next time, enjoy your brewing!

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