Thursday, January 14, 2010

But she likes wine!

The great debate... Beer or Wine? What if you prefer beer, but she likes wine? Or maybe you love a good IPA, and he would rather a fine Pinot Noir? Typically, places with great beer selections have few wine choices, and vice versa. However, I know of a place that can handle both sides of this coin! Wine Steals is a really cool place to hang out and drink wine. With 4 locations throughout San Diego, you are bound to be close to one wherever you are. Each location has a different vibe, but all are cool in their own way. You can buy wine by the bottle in their market area, take it home for later, or open it right there to drink along with one of their salads, pizzas, or artisanal meat & cheese boards. You can also order your favorite wine by the glass, or choose one of their carefully paired flights. The selection is great and the food delectable. What about beer, you ask? No, they don't have any taps, but they have an awesome bottle list that varies by day and location. Plenty of locally brewed 22's are always on hand, along with interesting choices from around the world. Whether you choose wine or beer, they both pair well with the fantastic food. Check them out at Next time you're ready to go out but can't choose between beer or wine, don't try. Head on over to Wine Steals. You'll both be glad you did!

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  1. I love Wine Steals. When are you taking me there again? -Your Wife