Monday, January 11, 2010

Oskar Blues Old Chub

Colorado is no stranger to excellent craft brewing, and tonight's offering is no exception. Oskar Blues Brewery out of Lyons, Colorado may not be as large or well-known as other Colorado institutions such as Ft. Collins' New Belgium or Boulder's Avery, but they produce some great craft beer nonetheless. Old Chub is a Scottish style ale that weighs in at 8% alcohol. It pours a very small to nonexistent head, but the sweet, malty aroma abounds immediately. The color is an extremely dark amber, which gives clues to its rich, malty taste even before taking the first sip. A large, smooth mouthfeel is present, and the initial finish is equally as smooth. Alcohol is present with subsequent sips, but in a pleasant, warming way. A slight smokiness is perceivable, as you would expect from an ale of this style, but it blends so nicely with the other characteristics of the brew that you almost don't notice it. This well-rounded ale goes down very easily, and gets 4 out of 5 stars in my book. But wait... can it be? Does this large, full-bodied ale actually come from... a... CAN? Yes, it does! Oskar Blues has been canning their beer since 2002 and started a canned beer revolution, or, as they put it, "Apocalypse", and I'm on board! So, pick up an Old Chub, tap the top of the can, crack it open, pour and sip away. Until next time, enjoy your beer!

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