Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What flower glass?

One night at dinner my daughter Ariel asked me a funny question. "What flower glass is that, Daddy?" I was perplexed. I looked at my large pilsner glass thinking there was a picture of a flower on it somewhere, but there wasn't. Then I looked at my beer bottle, and there was a picture of a hop bud on it. "Oh", I said. "that's a hop flower." I was impressed that she actually knew that the hop was a flower. Then she said "No, not the bottle, the glass!" Now I was stumped! There were no flowers on the glass. What could she have possibly been talking about? Then, my son Zeke said "Remember Dad? Like the flower glass you used the other night." Ariel chimed in, "Yeah! Which kind of flower is this glass?" Then it hit me. The other night I had used a TULIP glass with my beer! All she remembered was that the glass had a flower name, so to her all beer glasses must be named after flowers. It was so funny! Kids, without beer they wouldn't be nearly as fun.

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