Friday, January 8, 2010

An awkward moment at BevMo!

I like to go to BevMo! when I get a chance. On Friday nights they do a beer tasting. Usually for a dollar (or free, depending on who is hosting the tasting) you get to taste several beers. Sometimes a beer company has a representative there to do the tasting, and sometimes it is just an employee. This particular night there was an employee tending the tasting station. I walked in and asked if I could do a tasting. The girl pouring the samples was less than enthusiastic, and I was the only one tasting, so the event was doomed from the get-go. She poured the first sample, which was a wheat beer. After a few sips, and a lot of awkward silence, I decided to be clever. "They call beer liquid bread." I exclaimed, trying to prove my beer prowess. She looked at me with a blank stare and said, "That's because it's a wheat beer." Then she looked at me as though she had been able to express her beer expertise. We went on to the next sample, which was a beer from the Alaskan Brewing Co. Remember that, it will be important in a moment. After a few sips I decided to brave the waters (or should I say "beer") once again. "This is good," I said, "where is it made?" The look on her face turned to somewhere between shocked, amused, and annoyed as she picked up the bottle, pointed to the name, and said "Alaska." She bested me again, showing why she was working at BevMo! and I was merely passing through. I finished my sample, put my tail between my legs, and humbly excused myself. I do enjoy a good beer tasting, but I didn't know that an emotional flogging came along with it. I guess that's why they charge a dollar.

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