Monday, December 28, 2009

To brew or not to brew...

...that is the question! I am an amateur home brewer. At least that is how I see myself. I brewed a couple of batches of pretty good home brew a couple of years ago. I got my friends interested in it, and promised them a batch of red beer. That was a year and a half ago! A good friend asked me today, "Hey Hop Daddy... Where is that beer you promised us?" Where indeed!?! I'm not sure! I just haven't done it. Why? Could it be that I am nervous about living up to the last couple of batches I made? Did I take on a bigger beer than I am ready to brew? Do I lack experience, or need some training? Yes. Yes is the answer to all of these questions. Why did I promise something I cannot seem to deliver on? I can't put it off forever. Truth be told, my friends gave me money to brew that batch of red, which I still have in an envelope in my drawer! I know, I know. I feel bad, but just haven't been able to put together the time or materials to make the promised product. Maybe I lack inspiration, who knows. I hope to find the inspiration, in the words I put out to you, to move on in my brewing efforts. Do you brew? Where does your inspiration come from, other than the love of the liquid bread we call "beer"? Speak up, inspire us! Until next time, I bid you good drinking, and hopefully, happy brewing!


  1. As your favorite red, I plead with you to brew the next batch. There is nothing like home brewed beer. So suck it up buddy and just do it. If the recipe flops, well don't sweat it. Just use the input you learn from making it and apply that knowlege to the next batch. As they say, practice makes perfect. So prime up the keg and get out the bottles. We're going hop shopping tonight!

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