Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beer Poetry

Dave the Speck - Angie Thomas-Swader

In a world so often grey
lived a tiny speck named Dave.
This tiny Dave was a speck no less,
a particle, in the grey.
For this speck named Dave was a super guy,
a real wise crack and slick.
He could make some bread and brew a beer
and was loyal as a tick.
But the problem with being a speck
is you're often overlooked
By every Tom, Dick and Harry
and every other jerk.
So Dave got no recognition
for his societal contributions.
Yet without him there would never be
flavorful libations.
You see young Dave was yeast
a smallish sort of beast, but
without him there wouldn't be
bread or beer or pastry.
So the story goes,
in a town so grey and dreary
to never dis Dave the speck
or your bread and beer
will be flat and icky.

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