Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Brewery Project: San Marcos Brewery & Grill

What do you get when you combine a cozy, family-friendly restaurant serving what I would call "pub comfort food" with an on-site microbrewery putting out a solid lineup of beer to enjoy with your food?  San Marcos Brewery & Grill.  While the decor could use some updating, the atmosphere is warm and inviting.  The staff are as knowledgeable about the beer as they are the food, which is very good.  I wouldn't use the word "gourmet" to describe their food, but that isn't what they're going for.  The dishes they offer are delicious, and provide a wonderful backdrop for enjoying the beer.  Complimenting each other perfectly, it makes for a great meal and an overall enjoyable experience.  I have been a fan of their Pompous Ass Ale for quite some time, but was able to try a couple new brews this time around.  I started off with their Two Timing IPA.  It was good, but not overly hoppy.  Very drinkable, but hard to classify as an IPA, this beer's 8% alcohol could sneak up on you if you weren't careful.  Next I tried their Belgian Gold, aka: Grabassier.  The alcohol was much more predominant in this one, also sitting at 8%.  It was quite sweet, serving as the perfect digestif to finish off my meal.  I've never been disappointed here and doubt I ever will be.  I'm already looking forward to my next visit and the opportunity to try more of their good food and great beer.

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