Monday, February 4, 2013

Can this be right?

This list, put together by Epicurious, names 3 canned beers as being worthy additions to your beer refrigerator.  I understand that they were trying to compare beers that are readily available nationwide, but these beers would never grace my refrigerator!  I'm certainly not trying to say that I'm too good for canned beer.  What I am trying to say is that "canned beer" has come a long way, and this list should in no way be taken as an accurate representation of what "canned beer" is today.  As far as availability goes, I'm sure that good canned beer can be had by anyone who puts forth the effort to find it.  I think we will see more breweries canning their beer, and I'd hate to think great beer, that happens to be in a can, would be thought to be in the company of those on this list.  Go find a can of good, craft beer and crack it open.  Let's put some fresh faces on this list next time around!

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