Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's up with all the four-packs?

I was in the mood for a Coronado Idiot IPA the other day and wanted to buy a six-pack, like this came out of just over a year ago.  I grabbed what I thought was a six-pack, but when I took it off the shelf turned out to be a four-pack!  Outside of the 22 ounce bottle I would normally purchase, this was the only packaging available.  Now, I hardly ever buy six-packs of beer.  I love variety, and usually tire of a beer after 3 or 4 bottles.  I prefer to buy 22 ounce bombers.  That being the case, I rarely look to see what other packaging my favorite brews come in.  As I perused the store shelves, I realized that a lot of beers are now being sold in four-packs!  Has the price come down dramatically with the absence of 2 bottles, or 24 ounces, of beer?  Not particularly.  Why is this?  Do the breweries feel 6 beers would be too expensive to produce for the average consumer?  Are they trying to get us to buy multiple four-packs in order to increase revenue?  Do they think their beer is better in smaller increments?  Perhaps they feel we will tire of their beer after 3 or 4 bottles and that "less is more".  Maybe they believe that a good number of craft beer drinkers prefer to buy 22 ounce bombers and love the variety that they afford.  Hmmm... I didn't see that coming.  I'm not sure if I've proven my point, disproved it, or made an entirely new point all together.  Perhaps this is a good place to leave off and let you come to your own conclusions.  Now I really feel like an Idiot!

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