Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thanks, Jim, for the kind words!

Cyberspace can be a very dark, lonely place.  Words, thoughts, and ideas are put out there for any and all to see, hear, and react to.  Seeing and hearing is one thing, reacting to is another.  I put out words, thoughts, and ideas which I know are seen and heard.  Unless they are reacted to I just don't know how they are received.  That's the interaction.  That's the communication.  That's what truly matters.  Jim, a friend of mine who I see much more rarely than I would like, reached out the other day to let me know how much he enjoys my beer ramblings and that he knows others do as well.  That meant a lot.  Thanks, Jim!  I do my best to keep myself and others up to date, in step with, and excited about all things craft beer.  A kind word goes a long way.  Let's interact.  Let's communicate.  Let's all play our part in exploring, expanding, and enjoying our passion, shedding a light on an otherwise dark and lonely place.

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