Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Brewery Project: New English

A true destination spot, New English Brewing Co. is tucked snugly into a sprawling Sorrento Valley industrial park.  Owner-brewer Simon Lacey was happy to serve up his brews and cheery banter on this, my first visit to his new facility, now a year old.  Not too familiar with the beers, I decided to start with a taster flight consisting of Why ? Not American Wheat Ale, Bees Knees Honey Wheat Ale, Troopers Tipple IPA, and Explorer ESB.  Although they were all good, the standout for me was Bees Knees.  The honey really rounded out the beer making it smooth and extremely drinkable.  Unfortunately, this is not a regular release and is not on the brewing schedule again in the immediate future.  I also sampled Big Sting Rye Honey Ale, a big, 10.5% beer that lives up to its name.  Boozy yet smooth, it too was well rounded by the addition of honey.  I enjoyed the beer, Simon's hospitality, and the general camaraderie of the other patrons.  Although not on my regular travel route, I will be finding my way back to this brewery again in the future.

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