Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Brewery Project: Poor House

I've been to large, lavish breweries that were kept so immaculately spotless that you could practically sip beer off the brewing floor.  I've been to breweries the size of a postage stamp, with a tasting room big enough for just a handful of people and the brewing area not much bigger.  Now, I've been to Poor House Brewing Co.  The very definition of a "dive bar", this is a hole in the wall that you would miss just driving by.  That could be due, in part, to the small chalkboard sign over the door, the only permanent signage they have.  I initially wondered why the name wasn't Pour House, but it all became evident as I walked inside.  The already small room loses half of its space to a pool table brightly lit by a novelty Bud Dry light hanging above, leaving just a few barstools around the bar to quaff your beer from.  Decorations are sparse, with customer decorated dollar bills lining the wall behind the bar.  A Firehouse Brewing Co. t-shirt hangs from the ceiling in memoriam of the defunct brewery, a previous venture by founder Chris Finch who wasn't ready to give up on his brewing dream.  Proper glassware will enhance a beer-drinking experience, as will proper surroundings.  I had a hard time enjoying my beer in the "poor" surroundings.  That being said, both beers I had were actually pretty good.  Santa's Panty Dropper Ale, weighing in at 18.5% alcohol, consumed in larger amounts than the 2 ounce pour they offer, could do just that!  It tasted like liquid hard candy, if that makes any sense.  The Hopportunist Double IPA, a 9.2% alcohol brew served in a Ball canning jar was fine, but lacking.  Perhaps it was lacking the proper glass.  Perhaps it was lacking the proper surroundings.  I don't know.  I liked their beer enough to try it again.  Somewhere else.

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