Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Brewery Project: Backstreet

Pizza and beer are a classic combination, one that Vista's Backstreet Brewery, along with its counterpart Lamppost Pizza, seem to have mastered.  About as casual and laid back a spot as you'll find, this no muss, no fuss establishment features a large dining room with plenty of TVs, games for the kids, and lots of communal seating, a la Pizza Port.  The bar area has a unique identity of its own, trading bustling families and video games for serious beer drinkers and 2 levels of brewing equipment.  They truly offer something for everyone.  I was really impressed with their pizza.  Opting for a classic, the large cheese pizza was one of the best pies I've had in a long time.  The crust was the star, but the pizza as a whole was absolutely delicious.  The daily special of $4 off any large pizza was pretty tasty as well!  I use the term "solid" quite often when I describe beer.  That typically means that the beer was good, and lived up to its particular style.  This beer was solid.  I enjoyed 2 IPA's on my visit.  Cale's Ale, an American IPA, and My Peeps, a Black IPA were both very good.  Each were extremely drinkable and paired perfectly with the pizza.  I look forward to trying other selections on future visits.  Future visits that are guaranteed, as this will be a regular stop on my growing list of North County pizza and beer go-to spots.  It should be on your list, too!

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