Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Brewery Project: Intergalactic

Alex Van Horne.  You may not know this name, yet, but I'm sure you will.  The owner and head brewer of the newly opened Intergalactic Brewing Co. is part of a new breed of young brewers hitting the San Diego brewing scene.  A small brewery, outfitted with just the essentials, brewing beer their way.  The beer is the focus, pure and simple, the way it should be.  That's what Alex is about, and it shows in his beer.  With a grand opening set for May 4th, he already has an impressive tap list with a wide range of beer styles represented.  The 4.4% alcohol Subspace Session Ale was exceptional.  A style I would normally shy away from, this beer had enough flavor to warrant another round.  The Astro Scottish Ale, at 4.9% alcohol, was also very good.  Lighter in body and color than I'm used to seeing in this style, it was very drinkable and not too heavy.  An IPA and Stout were also present, but the Red Planet Rye, an 8.2% alcohol Imperial Red Ale made with rye, was probably my favorite selection.  Aggressive, without being cloyingly so, it gave me my bitterness fix without leaving me worn out afterward.  Another beer of note was the Reentry Smoked Pale Ale.  A drinkable, 5.1% alcohol beer, the smoke was evident, yet subtle in a way that left you wanting more.  Not a fan of Smoked Beer (also known as German Rauchbier), I would order this one again.  If these are the beers he's putting out for his soft opening, I can't wait to see what he's got in store for the grand opening!  Alex Van Horne.  Get to know the man.  Get to know the beer.  Get in on the ground floor as this young brewer takes the San Diego beer scene by storm!

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