Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alpine Beer Co. to contract with Cold Spring Brewing Co.

I support our local breweries and their brewing decisions, but I was taken aback when I read this article about the pending deal Alpine Beer Co. has made with Minnesota's Cold Spring Brewing Co. to contract out the brewing of several of their beers.  I echo the words of the following comment made about the article.

"I love their beer but something about moving the production to Minnesota leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth.  Does this have anything to do with the resent theft of brewing equipment?"

Apparently, Cold Spring contract brews for several breweries across the country, including 21st Amendment Brewery and Redhook, among others.  I personally like their John Henry Three Lick Spiker Ale, but don't care at all for their other brews that I have tried.  If Alpine really needs to find a bigger facility to brew for them, couldn't they find space at a local brewery?  Or, if they need to search beyond California, isn't there a brewery that produces a better product of their own that would be a better choice?  I'm just an outsider looking in, but I just hope they make a decision that won't negatively affect their beer or their reputation.

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