Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It was only a matter of time

El Cajon Brewing Co. posted the following to their Facebook page a few hours ago.

"As of Monday April the 1st the restaurant and brewery is under new ownership.  The restaurant will be temporarily closed.  It was a an unexpected change in ownership, but over the weekend we hammered out a deal the was very generous for all.

We do not know how long it will take for the new owners to reopen the business but we are confident that it will be soon.  We wish them the very best of luck and we hope they are highly successful."

I've seen this coming for quite some time.  This was a pretty good indicator of what the future held for this struggling brewery.  What's next?  Hopefully a name change, perhaps a familiar face to the San Diego beer scene taking over the reins.  Then again, maybe not.  Perhaps the large amount of money the City of El Cajon poured into this business will prevent a change of name, and another hopeful entrepreneur will strive to carry on the ECBC torch.  Whatever the case, I hope they brew great beer, serve good food, and offer fantastic service.  If so, they just may make it.  Time will tell.

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