Saturday, March 16, 2013

What do you have to hide, Indian Joe Brewing?

Furthering my quest to visit all the breweries in the county, I visited Indian Joe Brewing in Vista.  No, this isn't their review, that will come at a later date.  The experience I had when I left the brewery was just so bizarre that I had to share it, and it left me scratching my head and asking the question, "What do you have to hide, Indian Joe Brewing?"  With 47 brewery visits documented and under my belt, visiting a new brewery is becoming old hat to me.  I know what to look for, I know what to try, and I know what to photograph.  The last one is what got me into trouble this time around.  Apparently, the folks over at Indian Joe are a bit camera shy!  Taking the usual pictures while I enjoyed my beer and my visit, I paid my bill and went happily on my way.  The beer I tried was spectacular, but I will save that for the actual review.  I left the building and joined the rest of my family in the car a short distance from the entrance to the brewery.  The Hop Mommy asked why there were people standing outside of the brewery looking at me as I got into the car.  I recognized the guy as the pleasant bartender from inside, but didn't recognize the woman he was with.  I sat there for a minute as they talked, and then the woman walked over to the car.  She said that the bartender was concerned because "I took a lot of pictures but didn't ask a lot of questions" while inside.  I identified myself and explained why I was there, and she introduced herself as the owner's wife, Geri.  We talked for a couple of minutes and she was pleasant enough, but this was truly the first time I had been followed out of a brewery and given the third degree about why I had come to the brewery to drink a beer!  Still confused I ponder the question, "What do you have to hide, Indian Joe Brewing?"

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  1. some people feel their souls are being taken, not when you take pictures but when you visit their brewery....That is rather odd, but typical with someone who is dominating and under a lot of stress.