Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Brewery Project: Wet 'N Reckless

Braveheart Scottish Ale, Heaven's Belge, Hell's Belge, Super Destroyer, Golden Boy.  You've probably never heard of these beers.  You've probably never heard of the brewery who produces these beers.  These are the beers I tried when I visited Wet 'N Reckless Brewing Co.  One man, Dave Hyndman, on a simple mission to brew beer his way.  There is no rhyme.  There is no reason.  He brews what he loves, serves it, and moves on.  I don't even know if he has any "core beers".  Chris, a volunteer manning the bar for the first time, was extremely friendly and open.  He made the experience great.  That's a good thing, because "great" is not a word I would use for the beer.  I would classify this beer as decent homebrew.  It wasn't bad.  It lacked polish.  It was thin, lacking any real character.  Each sample blended together, with no defined distinction.  Super Destroyer, the IPA, had a fairly good hop profile, but again, lacked any other memorable quality.  If a friend handed me an unmarked bottle of one of these beers and told me he had just bottled it in his garage, I would be impressed.  Would I go to a "commercial" brewery and pay for a sampler, pint, or growler of this beer?  No.  However, he has a fan base that he's working on building.  As this happens, perhaps the beer will improve.  I can't bash the man, the brewery, or his vision.  He's doing what he loves and making it work the best he can.  We should all be so bold.  I should be so bold!  While I can't recommend this brewery based on the beer alone, it's worth a visit to see what Dave's working on next.  Who knows where he'll be a year from now.  Who knows.

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