Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Brewery Project: Indian Joe

What would have been a stellar review of Indian Joe Brewing was unfortunately tarnished by this event.  However, I can't let poor tasting room staff and management distract me from great beer.  Despite the strange turn of events, the highlight of this visit was a truly great beer.  #9, as it's called, an Apricot/Peach Hefeweizen weighing in at 8.2% alcohol, was spectacular.  Why they can't come up with proper names for their brews I don't know, but this beer transcends any name they could possibly give it.  Tart, almost like a sour, the wheat body and balanced sweetness makes this beer exceptionally drinkable, masking its hefty alcohol content.  I could drink this beer all day long, though I'm sure the alcohol would catch up with me at some point.  If they brewed nothing but "#9" they could be successful.  You need to try this beer, but hopefully you can find it outside of the tasting room.  I will search out more beers from this brewery and its talented brewer, but I won't be going back to this tasting room.  There are a lot of places I could go to get hassled and questioned, but a San Diego County brewery, among the best in the world, shouldn't be one of them.  Seek out the beer, skip the tasting room.


  1. I went. The Apricot peach was too sweet for my group. And I suspect from the flavor it is made from extract. We were pretty underwhelmed over all.

  2. The first thing that struck me was how empty it was. I had just been to Iron Fist which was packed, so walking into Indian Joe where there was just a handful of people was kind of shocking. The people serving food were just standing there because there was no one to serve. The other odd thing was the tables set up like a dining room. I thought I had walked into a private event with table service. It didn't feel like a brewery. As far as the beer goes, I only tried the Hefeweizen, so I would like to see how some of their other offerings are.