Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Brewery Project: Hillcrest Brewing Co.

Cozy, warm, and welcoming are the words that came to mind when I walked through the door of Hillcrest Brewing Co.  There is no mystery here, there are no guises.  The folks here are open and genuine.  A look through their menu, PG-13 though it may be, reflects the carefree, whimsical spirit that makes this brewery unique.  That same spirit comes through in their beers.  With 9 house beers, there is a style to suit any taste.  I ordered a sampler which gave me a taste of 5 of their creations.  The unfiltered U-Hawl Hefe was good, but I really liked the smooth, balanced Brain Lubricant Imperial IPA and the big, sweet Banana Hammock Scotch Ale.  The standout, though, was Long & Stout, their Russian Imperial Stout.  It was very rich, yet its 11% alcohol offered a lingering warmth that begged another sip.  Each of their beers were solid offerings from a brewery that has only been open since June.  I enjoyed my visit, and I'm sure I'll enjoy another soon.

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