Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good beer, good food, good cause

Blind Lady Ale House posted the following on their Facebook page yesterday, regarding today.

"Tomorrow BLAH will be donating 100% of the profits from the entire day to Sandy Hook Elementary School where the terrible shootings took place last week.

Heidi, one of our managers, grew up in Connecticut and her friend, Courtney Martin, has been a teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary School for ten years.  Courtney was a true hero on Friday morning.  She locked her classroom door and huddled with her children in a corner, keeping them calm and telling them she loved them.  Courtney and her students were fortunately unharmed.

Sandy Hook Elementary School is relocating to a new school in Monroe, a nearby town.  Courtney plans to prepare and decorate their new classroom for a fresh start.  She wants to make the classroom a peaceful and calm place for her students as they begin the healing process.

To help Courtney and her third graders, BLAH will also be collecting gift cards to Office Depot, Target, Staples- places Courtney and the other teachers can purchase supplies for the new school.  If you can, come on by BLAH Sunday (tomorrow.)  We are open from 11:30am to midnight- and bring a card to include in our pack, or simply eat and have a beer.

Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, by carrier pigeon, reindeer network, etc.  With your help, we can directly help this teacher, her kids and this school."

A special reason is never needed to visit BLAH, but I can't think of a better one than this.  This is a wonderful thing for them to do, and a great chance for San Diego to directly impact those affected by this horrific tragedy.  Have some great beer, great food, and help out a great cause.

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