Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Disappointed in Albertsons

I previously posted about the growing beer selection of Albertsons, and have been impressed with the increasing number of locations dedicating shelf space to craft beer.  The Lakeside store has continually improved their beer section over the past couple of years.  The Coronado store has a nice selection of local craft brews, and recently installed a prominent cooler on an endcap of the liquor department dedicated to fine, craft beer.  They have now followed the lead of the Chula Vista store with a large array of 12 ounce singles, with empty cartons to put together your own six-pack for $8.99.  Progress, it's great to see.  I was extremely disappointed with their "progress" when i attempted to buy a 12 ounce Stone Ruination last night at the Chula Vista store.  I was told that the single bottles were only sold in custom six-packs, and not individually.  If I wanted the beer I would have to complete the six-pack with other selections.  This, to me, is not cool.  If you're going to put singles on the shelf, with no signage indicating that they aren't available for individual sale, then you better be prepared to sell them individually!  I'm not sure why this rule is in effect, but I hope to see it change in the future.  Until then, Albertsons will reside near the bottom of my list of beer destinations.

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