Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Brewery Project: Latitude 33

Winding my way through a maze of industrial complexes, not seeing a soul in sight as most of the buildings had been abandoned for the weekend, I finally pull into the Latitude 33 Brewing Co. parking lot.  Markedly different from the rest of the businesses in the area, the lot was bustling with people, cars, and even a limo dropping of an eager group at the front door of the unassuming brewery.  Unassuming, that is, until I enter the building and make my way to the large, albeit packed, tasting area.  The room was alive with people enjoying their beer and noshing on provisions from the visiting food truck.  The feeling in the room was energetic and exciting, the exact opposite of my trek to the inconspicuous location.  I sampled their 1st Anniversary Biere de Mars, only scratching the surface of the lineup of beers they were currently offering.  A good beer, it wasn't a style I would choose again.  The staff was friendly but cold, lacking the warmth and personal touch a smaller brewery can offer.  I certainly can't fault them for their size, as most small breweries aspire to the growth this one has already attained, at which time they, too, may turn a bit "colder" that when they were first starting out.  That being said, I look forward to spending some more time in this brewery, getting better acquainted with more of their menu options.  Perhaps next time I'll skip the drive and arrive in a limo of my own.

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