Monday, May 6, 2013

The Brewery Project: Fezziwig's

Beer.  Steampunk.  Litigation.  These words don't seem to go together, but wrap harmoniously into the brewery currently known as Fezziwig's Brewing Co.  Perhaps "harmoniously" is the wrong word to use when it comes to the litigation part.  Named after the classic Dickens character from A Christmas Carol, the name embodies the heart and soul of what this brewery is all about.  A love of Dickens, the steampunk culture, and beer all come together in a brewery nestled quietly in the seaside community of Carlsbad, California.  Meanwhile, across the country in the bustling metropolis of Boston, Massachusetts, The Boston Beer Co., largest craft brewer in the country and maker of Samuel Adams beers, including the seasonal brew, Old Fezziwig Ale, decides to take issue with the fact that a small craft brewer in California took a fancy to the same name they use in a beer only available a few weeks out of the year.  The result?  Notice the above use of the word "currently".  Unfair as it may be, and in order to avoid the aforementioned litigation, the name must be changed.  I don't know the new name yet, but will post it as soon as it is released.  A name, however, means nothing without a good product behind it.  I found the beer to be very good.  The standout for me was the Tiny Tim Cream Ale.  The 4.8% alcohol, 15 IBU brew was smooth and easy to drink.  One of my favorite things about visiting new breweries and sampling their beers is that I typically get to try styles that are out of my comfort zone.  Before this I wouldn't have looked twice at a Cream Ale, but I would order a pint of this any day.  I recommend a trip to this brewery, whatever its name, to check out all the beers for yourself.  A final word to Jim Koch of The Boston Beer Co.  "Can't we all just get along?"

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  1. Thanks for writing this. I was and am going to comment too. Big time beer douchery. Glad to hear the beers are good, too.