Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Brewery Project: Ballast Point Old Grove

Whether you choose to enjoy the air conditioning of their sleek, newly renovated tasting room, or prefer to bask in the sun on their spacious patio, there is no better place to enjoy a taster or pint of your favorite Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits beer than their Old Grove location.  As their main brewery, this is where all of the brewing, distilling, and magic happens.  As noted by my various posts, I am obviously a fan of this veteran San Diego brewery.  I was extremely excited to see Tongue Buckler, their Imperial Red and one of my personal favorites, on the menu board, so I ordered that first.  A glorious, hoppy, malty brew that weighs in around 10% alcohol, I was a little sad to see they were only doing half pints of this brew, as pictured below.  I enjoyed it nonetheless!  I also decided to try a taster of Indra Kunindra, an Export Stout brewed with madras curry, cayenne pepper, cumin, toasted coconut, and kaffir lime leaf.  It sounds odd, and it was.  The aroma reminded me of hot, sticky, sweaty armpits.  The taste was like licking those armpits.  I would like to use more refined terms to describe this beer, but I have to call it like I taste it.  A Cicerone I am not... yet.  I will concede that this beer does appeal to some.  A friend of mine tried it a few days later and liked it so much he ordered a full glass!  To each his own.  I have had my last taste of this "unique" beer.  I have not, however, had my last visit to this brewery, and look forward to future visits which will be sure to broaden my current beer palate even further.

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