Friday, June 15, 2012

The Brewery Project: San Diego Brewing Co.

This week's journey took me to one of my favorite spots in the county for great handcrafted brews and grub, San Diego Brewing Co.  As I started to write about my visit, a sense of deja vu struck me as I realized that everything I was about to write, I had already summed up here.  You may also remember my visit here.  That being said, I'll mention the great beer I tried on this visit.  First off was their Don Diego Belgian IPA.  It is a solid IPA.  It has a very pronounced Belgian yeast flavor up front, but that doesn't overpower the well-balanced hops that follow.  This is a very drinkable IPA that should appeal to a variety of palates.  Fans of Belgians will find this beer very approachable as well, even if they aren't IPA fans.  Next was their Happy Ending Barleywine.  A fine barleywine, this one has been barrel aged in red wine barrels, though I don't know which variety.  The wine gives the beer a warm, fruity finish not present in a standard barleywine, and is quite pleasant.  This would be a wonderful brew to sip on in front of a nice fire during a brisk, winter evening.  The cool, overcast weather outside along with the cranked-up air conditioning in the restaurant made this the perfect finish to the evening.  Of course, they don't bottle any of their beers, so you have to make your way to the brewery restaurant to enjoy all they have to offer.  As centrally located in the county as they are, why not go tonight?

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