Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Brewery Project: Green Flash

One visit to Green Flash Brewing Co. and you'll understand just how great a brewery can be.  The facility is huge.  The tasting area is huge.  The beers are huge.  The only thing that's small about this brewery is the entrance.  A sign on the building that reads, "Tasting Room ENTRANCE" points to a small door that leads down an ordinary, indescript hallway.  What the hallway leads to is anything but ordinary or indescript.  A massive, open space greets you, along with the wonderful aromas of spent grain and fermenting beer.  A large bar is surrounded by happy patrons sipping their brew, each available as a sample or a full glass.  A merchandise area lines another wall, where you can purchase branded trinkets and apparel, or have your growler filled.  Tours of the brewery depart under a sign that aptly reads, "Brewery Tours START HERE".  The entire space is alive with an infectious electricity that draws you in.  You, and a lot of other people.  When I was there a steady stream of people kept flowing in.  The area was large enough to hold them all, but didn't have to because of a door that leads to a large patio area, complete with picnic tables and a spot for food trucks to set up shop.  I have always been a fan of their beer, but this visit solidified for me the fact that they are a true leader in the local beer scene.  Located right on Mira Mesa Blvd., you'll have no problem finding this beer mecca the next time your looking to enjoy some of the best beer San Diego has to offer.

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