Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stone Brewing Co.

If you haven't already heard of them, I would like to introduce you to Stone Brewing Co. Stone is located in Escondido, California, and is my favorite craft brewer. Perched high above Escondido on Citracado Parkway, the brewery holds a pristine position in the North County locale. Known for being on the cutting edge of the brewing scene, it's flagship beer is Arrogant Bastard Ale. It, like many of their offerings, is an aggressive beer. Second only, in my opinion, to Double Bastard Ale, which is released once a year around November. But, I digress... I could talk about Stone's beer all day long. The subject of today's post is the brewery, not the beer. I'll save that for another time. The brewery boasts a nice company store, wonderful restaurant (which is among my top 5 favorites in the county), large beer garden complete with koi pond, fire pit, outdoor bar, and several little secluded seating nooks to sit, relax, and sip on a fresh pint, and of course, a great tour. Tours are free, and are offered daily. My personal favorite tour guide is Matt. He is knowledgeable, funny, and you can tell he has a true passion for the product. Did I mention the free samples at the end of the 45 minute tour? Typically you can try 5 or 6 of their current offerings. What could be better? You can find them online at Go check out my favorite brewery. Peruse the store, catch a tour, then enjoy a wonderful dinner in the bistro. For me, a day well spent!

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