Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Brewery Project: Legacy

New breweries are popping up in North County faster than I can visit them.  Legacy Brewing Co. is one of the newest.  With an unassuming exterior and a nice, spacious interior, this brewery has the potential to be a real destination hotspot.  Although fairly quiet now, with some word of mouth and a little time I believe it will live up to its potential.  Chip, a friend of the owner who was manning the bar at the time of my visit, was happy to talk about the brews he was pouring and gave me a nice tour of the facility.  He kept emphasizing "balance" when describing the beers, and I definitely saw that balance in the Sedition IPA I was drinking.  An English style IPA by recipe, this brew drank much differently than most of the West Coast IPA's San Diego has become known for.  While fairly filling, the modest 6.8% alcohol and 67 IBU's along with the slightly sweet malt backbone and earthy English hops all worked together to make an extremely balanced, easy to drink IPA.  This is an IPA for someone who doesn't want to be beaten over the head with hops.  An IPA of days gone by.  It is with this sense of history that they brew all of their beers.  In an age of extremes, brewing with "balance" can be a tricky thing to accomplish, but it can also set you apart from the pack.  It's that approach to brewing that will bring me back to this brewery again, and it's the reason you should check them out as well.  After all, we can all use a little balance in our lives!

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