Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Brewery Project: Barrel Harbor

Located just off of North County's Highway 78, aptly dubbed "Hops Highway", sits Barrel Harbor Brewing Co.  Less than 2 months old, this brewery is already measuring up with major players on the San Diego brewing scene.  David Meadows of the now defunct El Cajon Brewing Co., who produced one of the finest IPA's I've ever had, is at the helm as Master Brewer, and once again proves his mastery of the style with his current IPA incarnations.  I created my own IPA flight with their IPA, Black IPA, and Hopportunity Imperial IPA.  Each were extremely well-balanced, keeping both hops and malt in check, had moderate alcohol and IBU levels so that you could enjoy multiple beers at a sitting, and were just plain delicious!  I need to try more of their offerings, as I'm sure they are equally as good, but when it comes to IPA's this will be one of my go-to spots.  I recommend a trip down "Hops Highway", and a stop at this fantastic new brewery.

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