Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Brewery Project: Border X

Passion.  Excitement.  Enthusiasm.  These are the feelings I was infectiously left with after visiting South Bay's new family-run Border X Brewing.  Owner Marcelino Favela and his son Marcel guided me through each of the 4 beers they currently have on tap, explaining the methodology of each brew, going over ingredients & brewing techniques, and forecasting what the future holds for them as one of the newest entrants onto the thriving San Diego craft beer scene.  Not only was I impressed by the energy of the people behind the beer, I was equally impressed by the beer itself.  Abuelitos Pale Ale was probably the most complex of the bunch, made so by the use of locally grown hops and the addition of locally grown figs.  I liked this beer a lot.  Random Hoppiness IPA was a bit tame for my IPA-abused palate, but was still good and had a very unique flavor profile.  My personal favorite, Gran Jefe, was a crystal clear Hefeweizen weighing in at around 6.1% alcohol.  All of the banana and clove notes you would expect from this style were prominent in the nose, and despite its moderately high alcohol content, the beer wasn't heavy at all.  Incredibly light and refreshing, this is a beer I could drink all day long.  Their "Seasonal" beer was a Saison, and also very good, featuring the spicy notes that have become characteristic of classical farmhouse brews.  They currently brew on a small 15 gallon system, but have recently purchased 100 gallon tanks in order to ramp up production as demand increases.  From what I've seen, and tasted, that won't be very long, and I can't wait to see what they do with the increased capacity.  You know what to do, head for the Border!

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  1. I've been there and liked the beer very much. The guys were really cool and chill. Great place to have some beer.