Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Brewery Project: K&B

If you know anything about the San Diego craft beer scene, you have no doubt heard of and probably spent some time at K&B Wine Cellar.  What you may not know is that they have now started to brew their own beer!  I've spent my own fair share of time at the Del Cerro landmark, posting about them here.  I also posted about this new endeavor, when I learned of it last September, here.  I was excited to find out that their first beer, Test Batch #1, was ready to be poured a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently something went wrong with Test Batch #1, because the release was delayed until this past Friday when Test Batch #2 was on tap as their official first release.  Touted as an IPA, this was an extremely mild brew.  It had a very nice aroma, but drank more like a Pale Ale.  It was not assertive at all.  It wasn't overly hoppy or malty.  It certainly wasn't bad, just tame.  Chris, who accompanied me to the tasting, called it a good homebrew, which I second.  I believe a IIPA is in the works, which I will be first in line to try.  I'm sure they will grow as a brewery with each release, and I'm exited to take that journey with them.  Seeing what they've done with a humble liquor store, I can't wait to see what they can to do with a brew kettle and a fermenter!

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