Thursday, March 4, 2010

K&B Wine Cellar

"Grapes Hops and Fine Food" is the tagline for this Del Cerro liquor store/bistro. When you walk in the door, to the left all you see is floor to ceiling alcohol. With the ceiling reaching 20 feet in some areas, they had to install rolling library ladders to be able to access the "top shelf" liquors. The wine selection is equally amazing. Most importantly, the beer assortment is fantastic. From hard to find vintage rarities to new releases, they are all present and accounted for. Pricing is a bit inconsistent, with some bottles being steals and others far overpriced. My biggest complaint is the lack of marked prices. If I want to buy a bottle of beer, I want either the bottle to be clearly marked or the shelf correctly labeled for the corresponding bottle. Neither is the case here, but with everything else going in their favor I am willing to overlook that. On the right side of the building is the bistro. It is small, intimate, and very laid back. They have a nice rotating tap list, and I decided to try the Full Sail Slipknot IIPA. You can also open and drink any bottle of beer or wine that you purchase from the retail side of the store, so that is a nice option. The food is wonderful. The Artisan Cheese Plate of the Day features a diverse selection of cheeses sure to tickle your palate in one direction or the other. The Lavash, or Armenian flatbread, is delicious. The one I sampled had pancetta, Gruyere, and caramelized onions. A feast for the eyes and stomach! As pleasing as the food and drink was the service. The owner came to the table and asked how the evening was going, if everything was satisfactory, and if there was anything they could improve upon. That is customer service! After dining I picked out a few bottles of beer to take home. When I got to the counter the owner came over to help me check out. I happened to ask him if he had any beer of a specific, rare nature. He said he had plenty, just at another location a mile or so down the road at Keg N Bottle, another one of the several liquor stores he owns. He actually called over to have them hold a couple of bottles for me! He truly went beyond the service level I have come to expect from stores of this nature. A great beer selection, wonderful food, and stellar customer service make this a must for any beer, wine, or fine food connoisseur. Go to to learn more about them and plan your own visit. You can thank me later!

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