Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When to drink out of the bottle

Drink out of the bottle?  I've talked numerous times about how important the right glass for the right beer is.  Have I somehow changed my mind?  Have I recently learned something new?  Yes and no.  No, I haven't changed my mind.  Yes, I have learned something new.  Great craft beer should be enjoyed, not from the bottle, but out of a proper glass.  However, what if you are faced with mediocre beer?  I have learned that there are certain beers, let's call them "supermarket beers", that can actually taste pretty good out of the bottle.  A hot summer day is the perfect time to reach for one of these "supermarket beers".  They can be refreshing and delicious.  However, if you were to pour one of these beers into a glass, any glass, let's just say they become less impressive.  Much less impressive.  I'm not advocating drinking mediocre beer, but we've all had the occasion to be handed a bottle that we wouldn't necessarily choose for ourselves.  Don't be rude.  Don't be a beer snob.  Just keep it in the bottle.

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