Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mad Lab closes its doors... for now

Mad Lab Craft Brewing, open less than a year, has officially closed the doors to its current facility.  The following excerpt is taken from a Facebook post earlier this week.

"Mad Lab Craft Brewing is excited to announce their new project!  We are moving the brewery production area to a large facility in Otay Mesa, which is a few miles south of Caliente Exit.  The facility will be a production plant ONLY; therefore..., the Mad Lab Craft Brewing product line will only be available in retail stores.  The original location will no longer be available to the public due to all finances will be concentrated on the new location.  The projected time frame for the new production plant will be summer of 2014."

I had a chance to talk to Mike, the owner, who told me the move will provide time to regroup and take care of a few personal matters.  He even plans to write a book about his experiences opening and operating a brewery in the most beercentric city in the country.  His plan is to have the new production facility up and running by July of next year.  Mike has a true passion for his craft, and I look forward to the renewed enthusiasm he will put into the brewery reboot.  Until then, I wish Mike and his wife Daphne well, and look forward to a bigger, better, and crazier Mad Lab!

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