Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Brewery Project: BNS

Open for just over a week, BNS Brewing & Distilling Co. already seem to have a good thing going.  Instead of starting small and building from there, they decided to burst out of the gate as a homebrew supply store, brewery, and distillery all at the same time.  As ambitious as that may sound, East County appears to be welcoming them with open arms and thirsty gullets, as evidenced by their packed soft opening last Saturday.  The expansive interior leaves plenty of room for growth, while the outside beer garden provides lots of space to enjoy your beer along with sunshine and fresh air.  I was most impressed, though, by the bar.  It features a decorative strip of copper running its entire length.  At least I thought it was decorative.  It actually has copper cooling lines running beneath it, providing a chilled spot to set your glass so that it maintains the proper drinking temperature the whole time.  That's attention to detail!  A detail I've not seen anywhere else.  I was also impressed by the beer.  I particularly liked their Revolver American IPA, so named for the 6 different hop varieties used in the brew, like the six bullets found in a revolver.  Clever and delicious.  The tasting room is open every day, as I believe all tasting rooms should be, so it's easy to find the time for a visit.  Their grand opening is set for June 22nd, which I'm sure will be a good time.  Check them out now or wait for the grand opening.  I recommend sooner rather than later, but don't worry, they're not going anywhere.

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