Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Brewery Project: Oceanside Ale Works

Inside a sleepy industrial park in the heart of Oceanside sits Oceanside Ale Works.  The cold, gray exterior of the nondescript building hints that a quiet set of offices may lie beyond the front door.  The lobby also holds few clues to what you'll find when you round the corner at the end of the small hallway leading out of the space.  You now know you're in the right place, as the room opens up to the brewing floor and tasting area.  Ample tasting space, with a large bar and a few tall tables, is present throughout the area, with several picnic tables residing underneath a storage loft.  Chill and relaxed, locals and visitors sip their brew of choice.  The opposite end of the room opens to a spot that food trucks can provide much needed nosh.  My samplings included their Buccaneer Blonde, Ketch 'A' Wave Brown, a riff on their unavailable Elevation 83 created by mixing their American Strong Ale and 43 Below IPA, and last, but certainly not least, Big Ellie's Bock, which weighs in at a hefty 13.4% alcohol.  All were new to me with the exception of Big Ellie's Bock, and I will definitely be on the lookout for their beers from now on.  It's a lengthy trek if you're not from North County, but well worth the journey.  If you can't make it there right away, at least look for their worthy additions to the San Diego beer scene in your area.

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