Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Brewery Project: Karl Strauss 4S Ranch

On my quest to visit all of the local breweries our great county has to offer, I find myself challenged to get to breweries, such as Karl Strauss Brewing Co., who offer multiple brewing locations throughout the region.  With that in mind, I traveled to their newest brewery restaurant in 4S Ranch.  I've been watching the development of this new location, and was eager to see the finished product.  The outside of the building is beautiful, showcasing shiny, brightly lit tanks behind large windows.  Arriving around 7:30pm on a Friday night, greeted by an hour and a half wait, I realized that not only was this new spot already thriving, but I'd be waiting a bit longer to eat!  I spent half the time browsing a nearby store before checking back in with the hostess.  They had a table ready, so my wait time was only half of what was forecast.  The interior has kind of an industrial loft feel, with roll-up garage doors around the perimeter of the space.  A large bar area is right up front, with plenty of dining room seating behind.  I was really impressed with the staff's knowledge of the beers.  They were able to suggest and describe the available selections, and even offer food pairings.  This is particularly important to me, as a waiter with no knowledge or information about the beers they serve is a huge pet peeve of mine.  Half the time the waiter doesn't even know what's on tap, let alone being able to help me pick out a brew to accompany my meal.  The food and beer were, of course, awesome, but it was the people that made this a great experience.  Kudos to the staff, and kudos to Karl Strauss for opening up another great location.

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