Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beer 4 Boobs

Like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Beer 4 Boobs wants to stamp out breast cancer.  So do we!  How can we help?  By drinking beer, of course!  Ballast Point, Stone Brewing Co., Coronado Brewing Co., Brewers Supply Group, and White Labs all donated ingredients for the following beers that will be available for tasters, pints, and growlers today only at Ballast Point in Scripps Ranch, with all proceeds going to Beer 4 Boobs.

bOOb check
7% ABV
18 IBU
Premium English Malts are combined with Galaxy Hops and British Ale Yeast to form the base of this Hibiscus, Honey, Cherry and Lime Ale.  A crystal clear, deep pink hue invites you in with your eyes.  The complex fruity aroma comes from all of the ingredients, not just the Cherry.  Hibiscus adds some bitterness and color, while lime adds some acidity.

Ingrid's 1 in 8
8% ABV
31 IBU
Premium English Malts combined with Cascade Hops and California Ale Yeast are the base of this Strong Amber Ale.  The brew is then spiced with heavy toasted oak chips, cocoa nibs, fresh ginger and sweet orange peel.  A two hour boil helps create a candy sugar flavor.  Think of a beer that a Chocolatier would make.

Beer, boobs, charity... what are you waiting for?

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