Saturday, October 29, 2011

Put away the pie, pick up a glass!

The sight of a pumpkin brings pie to mind for many, but for some the pumpkin vessel of choice is a glass, rather than a plate. That's right, pumpkin beer is an integral part of the season for some, and this article ranks 8 brews from around the country sure to satisfy the pumpkin craving in us all. The beers in this list mostly center around the eastern part of the country, so I would like to add my pick to the list. Witches Hair Pumpkin Ale by Manzanita Brewing Co. is far and away the best pumpkin ale I have had. The following is a description from their website.

Festive holiday pie spices accent this magical brew.
Warm and wicked pumpkin squash elements.
Taste the 'Fall of Yore' in a pint glass.
Good, friendly malt and hop partnership.
Strong and slightly spooky surreal sensations.
Availability: October - November
ABV: 9.0%
IBU: 44

Whatever pumpkin beer you prefer, or if you are new to the genre, pick one up and enjoy it with our cool, crisp fall weather.

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