Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great American Beer Festival 2011: The Event

This year's Great American Beer Festival didn't disappoint! The hall was filled with fans, brewers, and aficionados from around the country, all coming together to celebrate the wonder of the American beer scene. San Diego didn't disappoint either, taking home scads of awards. A complete list of all awards given can be found here, and I have highlighted the awards that our local boys took home. The Hop Mommy & I poured for Pizza Port San Clemente all day, which was flooded after the Pizza Port chain raked in a host of awards, including Small Brewpub of the Year (Ocean Beach) and Large Brewpub of the Year (Carlsbad). Congratulations to all of the San Diego brewery's who prevailed at the 30th annual event. Already looking forward to next year's festivities? Save the dates of October 11-13, 2012. I'll be there pouring, will you be there sampling?

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