Sunday, November 28, 2010


Do you love to go to beer events such as release parties, rare tastings, and festivals? These functions offer the opportunity to mingle with fellow beer geeks, try new beers, and even learn about the brewing process from the brewers themselves. With the rise in popularity of great craft beer, such events are more and more prevalent, but can cost up to $50 or more to attend. That can really add up, and most people can't fit more than a couple of these events into their yearly budgets. However, there is a way around paying the costly admission fees. Volunteer! Most of the larger events look for volunteers to do everything from ticket sales to beer pouring. Volunteering will at very least gain you admission to the event, and many times will enable you to take part in some of the festivities as well. When that is not possible, many organizers will have a separate function just for the volunteers. Whatever the case, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you played a small part in furthering the beer culture of your area, which is priceless! So, the next time an event is coming up, get in touch with the people organizing it. They typically will have something in place for volunteers to sign up, but if not, they are usually very happy for any help they can get. Whether you are pouring or being poured for, I'll see you there!

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